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iQLP's materials innovation incubator invents novel polymer based materials and designs manufacturing processes that enable breakthrough products in materials-science driven applications.

Our team employs a rapid material discovery process for new material innovation. By utilizing high-throughput screening and characterization techniques, such as disk molding, injection molding plaques, in-house materials characterization, design of experiments and integrated data collection, iQLP can INVENT solutions quickly and effectively.

The lab is led by Dr. Michael Zimmerman, who possesses over 30 Years of LCP processing and formulation experience, and is staffed with top materials science and processing professionals and scholars including post-doc PhD and MS candidates

In addition to the partnerships and relationships with top university research institutions, iQLP is working with industry-leading corporations to help commercialize these technologies. Increasingly, these organizations look to iQLP to supplement their internal R&D operations. The lab operates in a world-class 5,600 square-foot laboratory that is outfitted with state-of-the art equipment.

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