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Interplex Acquires Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc.

College Point, NY – July 10, 2009. Interplex Industries, a leading global provider of precision components and assemblies, announced today that it has acquired Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. (QLP), a leading electronic packaging and polymer science company. Included in the transaction are all of QLP’s proprietary technologies including resin technologies such as QuantechTM. The original purpose of QuantechTM was to solve the fundamental problems of conventional liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), such as, true adhesion to metal, extremely high temperature performance capabilities (> 450oC), and, isotropic coefficients of expansion matching metals These unique properties enabled the use of QuantechTM in hermetic semiconductor packaging.

QLP's revolutionary material technology, QuantechTM can be used to provide a lower cost and very reliable air-cavity packaging solution compared to ceramic based packages for the semiconductor packaging industry in applications such as high power RF-Microwave assemblies, image sensors, HB-LEDs, MEMs, and optical electronic systems. QLP’s innovative HermeTechTM package, based on QuantechTM technology, provides the semiconductor packaging industry's first, true plastic hermetic package.

“The addition of QLP is a natural expansion of Interplex’s vertically integrated global electronic packaging business,” said Steven Feinstein, Interplex’s Executive Vice President. “Interplex continues to invest in advancing technologies that expand our product offerings and capabilities in this market allowing us to offer our customers unique electronic packaging solutions. “

“QLP materials and packaging technology have been validated and qualified in high reliability hermetic ceramic packaging applications, by the industry’s market leader (The results were recently jointly published with Freescale at the International Microwave Symposium, June 2009). The acquisition by Interplex, a global manufacturing organization with scale, should allow for this new materials science and packaging technology to be commercialized in a wider variety of applications,” said Dr. Michael Zimmerman, QLP’s Founder, Inventor of QuantechTM, and Chief Technical Officer.

“Freescale is pleased that Interplex and QLP have joined forces to continue the development and commercialization of this technology. To the best of our knowledge, QLP offers the only polymer technology capable of passing the rigorous reliability testing of hermetic ceramic package applications for base stations”, said Mali Mahalingam, PhD, IEEE Fellow, Manager Packaging Operations, RF Division, Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Interplex will integrate QLP’s packaging technology into its Interplex Engineered Products (IEP) facility in East Providence, Rhode Island and eventually expand it globally as required by the market. IEP is one of Interplex’s global facilities that specialize in electronic packaging and possesses vertically integrated stamping, plating, overmolding, and testing capabilities. QLP’s new name will be Interplex QLP (IQLP), to maintain the original vision of the Founder, as a “Quantum Leap” in technology.

Founded in 1958 Interplex Industries, Inc. is headquartered in College Point, NY. The company continues to expand its technology and capabilities in the areas of product design and application development services, metal etching, prototyping, tool design and build, precision metal stamping, die casting, precision machining, plating and finishing, insert and injection molding, assembly and full scale automation services around the world. Interplex currently provides its services to the communications, electronics, industrial, medical and automotive markets and has facilities in the United States, Mexico, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Korea, Scotland, France, Germany and Hungary.

High Performance LDMOS RF Power Package
High Performance LDMOS RF Power Package