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White Paper Abstract

New Structural Polymer for Metal Replacement Applications
Presented at Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC, June 22-24, 2009 in Chicago, IL, USA.

Recent developments based on a novel thermoplastic Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) molecule and compound formulation have led to a new material which can exceed the properties of traditional plastics and demonstrate metal-like properties for structural applications. Developed with a very high modulus (>20,000MPa), tensile strength (125 MPa) and an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, this material is isotropic and has a tailored Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of 17x10-6/°C matching aluminum and steel. The material has balanced dimensional stability and ultra-low shrinkage (0.05%) with high temperature stability up to 420°C. These metal-like properties have been identified as a metal replacement material for structural applications in a variety of applications and markets.