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White Paper Abstract

Plastic air cavity QFN coupled with an innovative ultrasonic lid process achieves true hermetic performance (2007)
Presented at IMAPS 2007, November 11-15, 2007, in San Jose, CA, USA.

Devices such as image sensors, MEMS, and HB-LEDs are increasingly designed into automobiles and require great package reliability, particularly in high temperature, high humidity conditions. Hermetic package choices have been limited to ceramic packages which require specific lid attach processes – low melt glass, and seam weld. There has been a clear need for greater flexibility and improved packaging solutions that achieve hermetic performance.

By combining a unique new material technology, package design and innovative processing, a plastic air cavity QFN has been developed to achieve hermetic fine leak performance, 5x10-8 atm cc/s He. The capability is the first in the industry. This paper will discuss material development based on liquid crystal polymer derivatives, controlling mechanical properties such as CTE, key design features and an innovative ultrasonic lid process that enable hermetic plastic packaging. Performance and reliability data will be presented on 8 mm x 8 mm QFN’s that meet fine leak requirements and serve as the package solution for hermetic, high reliability applications.