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White Paper Abstract

Next Generation Low Stress Plastic Cavity Package for Sensor Applications (2006)
Presented at the Device Packaging 2006 Conference, March 20-23, 2006, in Scottsdale, AZ, USA

MEMS inertial sensors are widely used in automotive safety systems. One of the principal performance issues for these inertial sensors is the stability of the device output over temperature. Several approaches have been developed to improve the device performance over temperature. One of the most straightforward approaches to improving sensor performance is to use a cavity package rather than a overmolded package. Pre-molded plastic cavity packages are an ideal solution for application for stress sensitive inertial sensors. These packages have several features that make them ideal for the application: first, they are much lower cost than a ceramic or metal package of the same size; second, the packages can be molded onto a lead-frame in an array format that is compatible with standard transfer molded assembly lines. Thus, the cost of assembly for the packages can be very low. Finally, the packages are lead-free, which is an important environmental concern.