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White Paper Abstract

Low cost air cavity LCP (liquid crystal polymer) packaging (2004)
Presented at IMAPS 2004, November 14-18, 2004, in Long Beach, CA, USA

A low cost air cavity LCP package has been developed for high frequency, power, MEMS, and other applications. This unique packaging technology allows for the combination of improved electrical and thermal performance over conventional ceramic packages at much lower costs. Using iQLP’s proprietary LCP technology, copper flanges and lead frames can be incorporated into the package (along with other metal systems) which can provide for twice the thermal conductivity and a higher electrical conductivity than conventional lead frame and flange materials used in ceramic packaging. In addition, the packages can meet the same reliability requirements as standard ceramic packages, including passing gross leak and fine leak tests (1 x 10-9 cc/sec). Two lid solutions are also available which include B-stage epoxy, and a unique ultrasonic welding process. In addition, the packages can be provide din strip format, so as to be compatible with conventional automatic assembly operations.