Solutions That Enable Technology
Through Material Science

Our Mission

iQLP enables breakthrough performance through
world-class material science.

The company’s proprietary LCP-based formulations and processing technology tailor material properties for a wide range of telecom, mobile, structural and semiconductor applications.

Markets & Applications

QuantechTM Material Technology
LCP Film & Compounded Resins

5G, Mobile &Telecom High Frequency

5G, Mobile &Telecom
High Frequency

Flex PCB, Circuit Board Laminates, Antenna, Modules, Connectors, Radar

Structural Auto & Industrial

Auto & Industrial

Metal Replacement & Weight Reduction
Valves, Bearings, Brackets

Semiconductor & Electronics

Semiconductor &

FOUPs, Semiconductor Packaging
High Speed Connectors

Barrier Films


Medical / Food / Battery

Work with Us

Our materials science can be applied to a variety of applications.  How can we help you?

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iQLP is Now an Ionic Materials Company

The company aligns with Ionic Materials’ core competencies of world-class material science, processing technology expertise and providing solutions to enable next-generation technologies. iQLP expands Ionic Materials into several growing markets, such as 5G mobile, structural materials, semiconductor & electronics and the automotive industry.

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