Markets & Applications



5G, Mobile & Telecom, 
LCP Film for High Frequency Application

Flex and rigid PCB based on LCP film.  Tailored electrical properties deliver improved signal performance


  • Flex PCB
  • Circuit Board Laminates
  • Antenna, Modules
  • Connectors, Radar

Tailored Electrical Properties

  • Wide Dk range 2.6 to 4.0
  • Low electrical loss
  • Stable electrical properties at high frequencies
  • Increase transmission speeds and data capacity

High Volume Manufacturing

  • High Yield, in-line continuous process
  • Stable supply

Structural Auto & Industrial

Light-weight, Metal replacement applications that require high strength to weight ratio


  • Metal replacement & Weight reduction
  • Valves, Bearings, Brackets
  • High strength-weight ratio
  • High tensile strength & elastic modules
  • Excellent chemical and wear resistance
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stability

Semiconductor & Electronics

c.	High temperature LCP semiconductor package with tailored CTE to match Cuc.	High temperature LCP semiconductor package with tailored CTE to match Cu


  • FOUPs
  • Semiconductor Packaging
  • High Speed Connectors
  • High Thermal Resistance & Dimensional Stability
  • Tailored CTE & Electrical Properties, Isotropic
  • Excellent Barrier Resistance
  • Adhesion to Metals

Barrier Films

LCP barrier film in battery pouch

  • Medical
  • Food
  • Battery Packaging
  • Excellent Barrier Resistance
  • High Chemical and moisture resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non-flammable