The Technology



Our tailored LCP formulations deliver world class properties.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Ultra low moisture absorption
  • Low O2 and CO2 transmission
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Higher tensile strength and elastic modulus
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Adhesion to metals
  • Dimension stability across wide temperature ranges


  • High thermal resistance
  • Tailored CTE matching to metals
  • Low melt viscosity
  • Stable and linear
  • Isotropic

Electrical/ Optical

  • Low dielectric constant & Low loss tangent
  • Electrical Stability over wide temperature range
  • Up to 60GHz performance

iQLP enhances LCP properties through Material Science and Processing Technology

Materials Science

Polymerization & innovative formulations with unique resin-filler technology tailors:

  • Elastic modulus
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion & Isotropy
  • Dielectric Constant & Isotropy
  • Chemical and moisture barrier properties

Processing Technology

  • Process techniques and material modifications enable extrusion/injection molding of difficult material blends and complex shapes
  • Innovative high volume manufacturing film process
  • Expert mold design and injection molding



  • Tailored range of dielectric properties (Dk), 2.5 – 4.0
  • Enables design flexibility, lower signal loss, smaller form factor


  • Elastic Modulus from 4 to 19 GPa
  • Elongation up to 9%
  • iQLP Isotropy ~ 1.0 vs. traditional LCP anisotropy ~ 0.2


  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) matching metals and minimizing stress
  • High Thermal resistance
  • Dimensionally stable and linear over wide temperature range
  • Low melt viscosity for complex, thin wall molding

Chemical and Barrier

  • Ultra low moisture absorption
  • Low O2, and CO2 transm.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • 50% improved barrier properties (WVTR) vs. standard LCP